SDS E-Business Server® | EBS | Encryption & Security, Enterprise-wide

E-Business Server: gold-standard PGP encryption tool with iron-clad security.


E-Business Server is the gold-standard encryption technology with iron-clad security. SDS is now distributing, supporting, and actively developing new features for the proven E-Business Server: the authentic OpenPGP encryption tool originally developed by cryptography pioneer Phil Zimmerman. Hundreds of organizations rely on it every day, for easy use, encryption, authentication, and data security and cross-platform service.

"Best-in-class" PGP encryption protects business-critical data easily, with little impact on existing systems.

Multiple-platform versatility--runs on IBM z/OS, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux.

Easily integrated into z/OS JCL, batch processes, and the TSO environment. It also works with system REXX (SYSREXX) during system start-up and in system operator commands.

Integrates easily into C and Java applications, and into scripts on Linux, Unix, Solaris, and z/OS USS.

Handles files of 4GB and larger.

Encryption, Authentication, Compression.

E-Business Server creates and verifies digital signatures to prove the origin of data and ensure message integrity.

It dramatically reduces file sizes and reduces bandwidth consumption, processing time, and disk space.

E-Business Server provides key-management, allowing users to create and store keys, and find keys at directories and keyservers.

This command-line application can easily be integrated with existing processes and scripts.

  A Truly Complete
  Data Security Tool

 •  Secure data at rest and in transit

 •  Encrypt e-mail, file transfers, archives, desktops

 •  Multiple-platform versatility

 •  APIs for z/OS REXX and SYSREXX

 •  APIs for C and Java

 •  Scripting for z/OS, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows

 •  Automatic file compression

 •  Automatic EBCDIC-ASCII conversions

 •  Easy key generation and management

 •  Unbreakable signature creation and authentication.