IPCP Plus/MVS | Overview

IPCP Plus is the premier file control utility on the market and has an install base of over 1,000 satisfied customers. With a single command your batch jobs can close one to 500 CICS files, or stop DL/1 and CA Datacom databases. After your regular batch job updates the files, a single JCL statement automatically re-opens the files to their original online status. IPCP Plus is automatic and offers rock-solid reliability.

New Version 5.0 for MVS (full detail)

The chief improvement of IPCP 5.0 is improved performance of IPCP command requests in large enterprises.
Enhanced notification processing between IPCP batch and IPCP in CICS significantly reduces the time it takes for a batch step to complete.

Other IPCP 5.0 Improvements include:
• Send commands to more CICS regions simultaneously
• Better serialization of batch jobs
• A unified IPCM menu item to manage your resources
• Improved self-maintenance of restart data
• Better control of the optional IPCP SVC
• More control of the user ID that IPCP will use in CICS
• Define up to three transaction IDs for IPCP to initiate after CICS startup
• Improved handling of file allocations
• Ability to verify integrity of the IPCP command dataset

New Version 4.6a for MVS

Resources lists can now be defined, updated, deleted, and exported by the IPCPMNT batch program, not just online. Resource lists, contained in IPCPCDSs (command data sets), name groups of resources (files, e.g.) to be accessed by a single IPCP command.

You can now allocate control blocks for SVC99 allocations above the 16 Mg line.

Current Customers Note: Support for old IPCP+/MVS versions, 4.5 and earlier, ends 30 June 2008.

To upgrade to the new version, 4.6a, write to support@sdsusa.com.

You can see first-hand the IPCP Plus advantages:

Allows sure-fire restarts of CICS
IPCP Plus can keep track of CICS resource status even when CICS is down, so that current batch-side status can be maintained. Therefore, if a file was closed in a batch job while CICS was down, it remains closed when CICS comes back up.

IPCP Plus is security conscious
Both the batch and CICS sides of IPCP Plus have built-in security exit points. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your information is secure from unauthorized use.

Powerful online facility
IPCP Plus online provides a powerful job control mechanism, improving management, throughput, security and control. With it, you can initiate any IPCP Plus command from a CICS terminal (e.g., open and close files online). You can also determine who (or which batch job) closed a particular file, when it was closed, and its current CICS status.

To learn more about this product, download the IPCP Plus demo (180,108 bytes).

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