IP Problem Finder | Overview

IP Problem Finder makes it easy to read a packet trace. So you can diagnose network problems FAST.

IP Problem Finder means you can quickly mine network packet traces for diagnostic data and SOLUTIONS! Let IP Problem Finder software read your packet trace data, and immediately see...

TCP Problems...

  • Troubled connections, and recommendations to fix them
  • Error codes, explanations, and WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM!
  • Session errors, fragmentation failures
  • Congested subnets
  • Routes prone to fragmentation delays
  • Hung connections

SSL Problems...

  • Slow or rejected Handshakes
  • Handshake error codes and explanations
  • SSL alerts and performance warnings
  • Expired or bad certificates

IPv6 Problems...

  • IPv4 vs. IPv6 capacity and throughput
  • Match tunneled packets
  • Decode ICMPv6 and analyze DNSv6

DNS Problems...

  • Slow response times
  • Configuration errors
  • Name-resolution errors
SSL Handshake Time



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