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OHF allows System Z application programmers to add on-line documentation to CICS applications without modifying existing code. The help text can be displayed in Pop-up windows that can be placed anywhere on an application screen. Users can key data into any field that is not covered by the OHF help window.

Current Customers Note: Support for old OHF/MVS versions 3.8 and earlier ended 30 June 2008.

To upgrade to the new version, write to

Here are just a few OHF features:

  • An ISPF-type text editor for creating help text.
  • Large amounts of text can be stored for each help window. Full scrolling is supported.
  • Virtual PA or PF key support allowing any key to be selected as the OHF help key, even if it’s used by another application.
  • Help can be displayed as a single line, a variable sized window, or a complete indexed manual. Different help screens can be displayed based on the value of the selected field.
  • “Swap” feature allows up to four CICS sessions to run concurrently at a terminal.
  • “Sticky cursor” feature which lets you cut information from the help text and paste it onto your application screen.
  • Installation takes less than one hour, with comprehensive on-line help for the systems programmer.

Minimize end-user support calls. Reduce end-user training costs. Decrease error rates. No programming knowledge needed. It’s no wonder OHF is the hottest selling help package on the market today. It provides the functionality of competitive software at half the cost.

To learn more about this product, download the OHF demo (199,627 bytes).

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