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SmartMail/MVS | Overview

SmartMail is the most affordable and powerful CICS electronic mail system anywhere. It is designed to provide a fast, easy, organization-wide means of communication. Using extensive menu prompts, SmartMail allows employees to send, receive, and store messages of any length.

Mail recipients are visually and/or audibly notified that they have mail to read. There are no games of “telephone tag” between busy executives and no interruptions of meetings.

SmartMail CICS Software will automate your internal communications. No longer will your company lose money and opportunity by not communicating efficiently.

SmartMail was designed to be an easy-to-use electronic mail system for CICS that offers:

SmartMail is economical, flexible, powerful and convenient. Don’t settle for less than the best value in the electronic mail marketplace — SmartMail.

To learn more about this product, download the SmartMail demo (218,902 bytes).

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