SMART TS XL | Overview

Lightning-Fast Search and Analysis for Every File on z/OS, AS400, VSE, UNIX, and Windows Platforms

SMARTTSXL SMART TS XL is a search and analysis tool for IBM's z/OS®, iSeries™, and VSE environments that can process millions of programs in a matter of seconds.

Patented technology lets SMART TS XL run on cost-effective server platforms--offloading work from expensive mainframe environments, extending the life of IBM z/OS®, iSeries™, and VSE processors, and freeing up MIPS for mission-critical production processing.

SMART TS XL helps shorten life-cycle development changes, improve compliance, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. This translates directly into reduced cost and results in annual savings in the millions of dollars.

Search Results are Easy to Navigate

SMART TS XL supports highly complex Boolean and proximity searches on disparate data types such as ASM, COBOL, Natural, JCL, Procs, CICS Maps, email and more. Color-coded results are hyperlinked and cross-referenced, offering complete drill-down capability.

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Source Code

In seconds, SMART TS XL can search, cross-reference and hyperlink millions of lines of software development languages, in new and legacy applications, across multiple platforms.

The JCL Xpander tool expands symbolic variables and inserts PROCS so that JCL can be completely indexed and fully searched. The COBOL Xpander tool creates an expanded version of COBOL modules with all relevant Copybooks accounting for runtime replacement values.

Search results display both the original module and the expanded version, allowing search of just the program as well as the program as it looks at runtime.





SMART TS XL automatically recognizes data formats in Access, XML, CSV, XLS files.

Once SMART TS XL has indexed data files, users can search for complex field and value combinations, retrieving precise information in split seconds--without difficult query languages.


SMART TS XL supports most document types, including zipped files. Internal property fields are indexed and captured as data, allowing searches in both document content and document meta-data.

Now, Software Change is Easier

SMART TS XL lowers the risk and impact of change management. Unfamiliar code can be viewed and scrutinized in a fraction of time. SMART TS XL is invaluable for learning new systems, converting legacy systems, reverse engineering, software consolidations, and more.

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