VitalSigns for FTP | VFTP | Videos and Slide Shows

See video recordings and slide shows from our series of educational webinars about mainframe management and monitoring, and securing file transfers to and from mainframe z/OS.

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VitalSigns for FTP & SSH Tectia: Cost Effective, End-to-End Security for All z/OS File Transfers

Webinar, Dec. 2016, hosted by SHARE. Presenters: Stu Henderson of Henderson Group & Colin van der Ross of Software Diversified Services

VFTP-SSH: Cost Effective, End-to-End Security for All z/OS File Transfers

Webinar, Feb. 2016. Presenters: Stu Henderson, Bob Thomas. VFTP and SSH: A software collaboration to deliver complete and effortless FTP security for all file transfers and data-in-transit.

Peel Back the Layers - How to Secure your Mainframe Files

Webinar, 22 Jan. 2015, hosted by IBM Systems magazine

Securing Enterprise Data at Rest and in Motion

Webinar, February 2014

  • Hosted by SHARE, Colin van der Ross on E-Business Server, VFTP, and other means of securing data

Peeling the Onion: FTP--A Tutorial

Webinar, April 2013

Safe, Secure File Transfer from SDS

Webinar, March 2013

Securing Your FTP Transmissions

Seminar, SHARE San Francisco, Feb. 2013

Options To Secure Your FTP Data

Seminar, SHARE Anaheim, Aug. 2012

Peeling The Onion: The Solution Layers

Webinar, July 2012, Jan. 2012

  • Securing Data at Rest and in Transit

Peeling The Onion: FTP--A Tutorial

Webinar, June 2012, Nov. 2011

  • Make sense of the options for secure file transfer: SFTP, SSH, FTPS

Safe, Secure File Transfer with z/OS FTP

Webinar, Sept. 2011

How Do I Encrypt My z/OS FTP?

Webinar, May 2011

Is Your z/OS Mainframe FTP Secure?

Webinar, March 2011

  • Why your FTP is vulnerable, and why it must be a secure resource.
  • How to uncover vulnerabilities early and put audit trails in place that ensure compliance with corporate standards and government mandates such as PCI.
  • How VFTP's added mainframe visibility can help you to tighten security, improve reliability, and strengthen your controls of your mainframe FTP.
  • How VFTP can help you diagnose FTP problems and automate FTP transfer management.

Challenges of FTP: Security, Automation and Auditing

Seminar, SHARE, Austin, March 2009

  • FTP is the data transfer application of choice for many sites.
  • But at significant risk.
  • This session presents solutions regarding authentication, encryption, data security, regulatory compliance, auditing, automation, nonrepudiation, control, and monitoring.

SDS FTP Manager - VFTP

Webinar, Nov. 2007

  • FTP Management on z/OS

File Transfer Protocol

Webinar, Oct. 2007

  • Overview of VitalSigns for FTP