VitalSigns for FTP | VFTP | Specifications

VitalSigns for FTP wraps around FTP Servers and Clients on z/OS, where it secures access and redirects traffic through secure routes. It also provides a scripting language for z/OS batch jobs.

VitalSigns for FTP Agents reside on z/OS 1.6 or later:

  • The z/OS system provides the z/OS Communications Server 1.6 or later.
  • The z/OS Communications Server provides the z/OS FTP Server and FTP Client.
  • z/OS Communications Server is configured to support the z/OS Network Management API.
  • z/OS provides RACF or a comparable security system that supports the z/OS Systems Authorization Facility (SAF) interface.
  • z/OS 1.8 provides details about FTP sessions that are not available from earlier z/OS versions.
  • For z/OS 2.1, use VFTP 3.0.B or newer.

VitalSigns for FTP Agents work with the z/OS security system and the FTP server program exits to...

  • Validate VitalSigns for FTP users.
  • Thoroughly log FTP server sessions and data transfers.
  • Enforce security rules for FTP server resources, for example...
    • Allow/disallow data set access,
    • Allow/disallow individual FTP commands at the server.

VitalSigns for FTP's FTP Client interfaces with the z/OS FTP client to...

  • Dynamically reconfigure the z/OS client for specific batch jobs.
  • Thoroughly log FTP client sessions and data transfers.
  • Process VitalSigns for FTP's FTP Control Language in z/OS batch jobs, then pass FTP commands to the z/OS client.

Two VitalSigns for FTP Databases reside on z/OS USS, on Linux/Unix, or on Windows:

  • VitalSigns for FTP uses a Derby 10.4 database server.
  • The VitalSigns for FTP Live Database holds immediate real-time FTP monitoring data delivered to it by the VitalSigns for FTP Agents.
  • The VitalSigns for FTP Live Database provides user and configuration data to all other parts of VitalSigns for FTP.
  • Long-term data is periodically copied to archive files, then purged from the Live Database.
  • The VitalSigns for FTP Archive Database provides access to the archived data through the same browser interface that displays the live data.

VitalSigns for FTP Live and Archive Web Servers reside on z/OS USS, on Linux/Unix, or on Windows.

  • VitalSigns for FTP uses a Tomcat web server to provide user access to VitalSigns for FTP Databases.
  • The web servers also provide VitalSigns for FTP configuration tools to VitalSigns for FTP administrators