Virtel Web Access | VWA

Universal Device Support: Thin-client browser-based 3270 terminal emulation. Save up to 80% on terminal emulation by switching to VWA.

Virtel Web Suite

Replacing legacy 3270 terminal emulation with Virtel Web Access provides a welcome relief from the time and cost to support an ever-changing list of client technologies.

Key Features

  • 3270 TE in a web browser
  • Serves 3270 screens as web pages with 3270 TE ergonomics
  • Nothing to install or support outside the mainframe
  • Instant deployment: simply point client web browsers to pre-defined URL
  • Centralized (host-based) installation, management, and support
  • Works with any client technology including Windows 10, Mac and mobile devices
  • Perfect for BYOD, DR, and VDI initiatives
  • More secure than telnet/TN3270 TE solutions
  • Data-less clients: no corporate data exposure in case clients are lost or stolen
  • Save up to 80% in licensing fees
  • Simple host-centric support results in low TCO and early ROI
  • None of the costs, complexity, latency, and capacity issues associated with middle-tier servers
  • No re-licensing or re-installation to support new 3270 TE client technology

Virtel extends host applications such as CICS®, IMS, Natural and TSO to thin-client web browsers over secure HTTP/S connections, while retaining their familiar user interfaces. It is an attractive modernization alternative for aging 3270 terminal emulation (TE) installations:

Brief Video Introductions to Virtel Web Access:

VWA: What is it? (3 min.)

VWA: How does it work? (5 min.)

VWA: How secure is it? (7 min.)

VWA: Customer stories (8 min.)

VWA: How much does it save? (3 min.)

VWA: Demonstration (9 min.)

VWA: PDF Add-On Demonstration (2 min.)

Simple Installation and Support

  • Nothing to install or support outside the host: no client apps and no middle-tier servers
  • Easy deployment: simply point the clients’ browsers to an installation-defined URL
  • Centralized (host-based) installation, management and support
  • None of the complexity, fragility, latency, and scalability issues of middle-tier servers
  • No need to install new client apps to support new client technology
  • Enterprise licensing option eliminates the need to track TN3270 user counts
  • Eliminates need for VPN and session manager

3270 Terminal Emulation in a Web Browser

Virtel serves 3270 screens as HTML/JavaScript web pages with 3270 TE ergonomics:

Virtel Web Access
3270 application screens:
CICS, IMS, TSO, Natural, etc.
HTML/JavaScript web pages
with 3270 TE ergonomics
   any web browser      any web-enabled device

Universal Client Support

  • Works instantly and automatically with any 3270 TE client regardless of device, OS, or browser:
    - All version of Windows (including Windows 10)
    - Linux, AIX, UNIX
    - Apple products
    - Mobile devices: tablets (iPad, Android, Goggle, etc.),
      PDAs, and smartphones
    - Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google, etc.
  • Empowers initiatives where 3270 TE clients are not controlled by the host team such as:
    - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
    - DR (Disaster Recovery)
    - VDI (Virtual Device Initiative)
    - Authorized agent or 3rd party users
  • Features integrated non-American character set conversion for deployments to EU or to countries that use DBCS terminals (Russia, Japan, China, etc.)

Secure Connections and Data-Less Clients

  • Supports industry-standard IP security technology: SSL (AT-TLS) encryption, PROXY, SSO, etc.
  • Data-less clients: no data exposure in case clients are lost or stolen
  • VPN-less encrypted connections operate in asynchronous disconnected mode, unlike permanently opened TN3270 connections that expose unencrypted data over permanently-opened telnet tunnels
  • HTTP-to-SNA conversion "brakes & redirects" connections behind host firewall
    - Each exchange is authenticated by unique token and
      IP address
    - Incoming data is analyzed for unwanted insertions
  • Custom security features: terminal-transaction-printer control, biometrics (voice, etc.) authentication, field-level security filters, and much more

Cost Savings

  • Up to 80% savings in licensing fees over top-tier competition
  • Low installation and support costs result in low TCO
  • No middle-tier servers to purchase, configure, monitor, balance, or support
  • No additional licensing fee to support new 3270 TE client technology
  • Allows eliminating costly VPN and Session Manager solutions

Typical Applications

Typical Virtel Web Access applications include:

  • BYOD: allow staff and contractors to use their own devices to access host
  • Mobile access: extends host applications to tablets, smart phones, and PDAs
  • Apple products: support Mac, iMac and iPad devices as alternatives to traditional PC workstations
  • Globalization: extend host applications to client workstations that use non-American character sets
  • Virtual Desktop: eliminate 3270 TE client apps from desktops
  • 3270 TE modernization: simplify support and reduce TCO