VitalSigns for z Tuning | Overview

Lower z/OS Costs Guaranteed! Ease your batch window. Dramatically reduce CPU consumption. Recover DASD. Guaranteed!

Take a closer look at VitalSigns for z Tuning, an optimization service that helps you get more--much more--out of your existing system.

This optimization service has quietly and reliably enabled hundreds of Fortune 2000 companies to reclaim millions of dollars in CPU, I/O, and DASD availability.

  •  30+ years

  •  600+ mainframes

  •  100% success

Most of our clients recover 10 to 15 percent of their annual mainframe budget.

VitalSigns for z Tuning is a system of programs and an expert database that compares a client's settings, parameters and attributes against an expert, best-of-breed database and predicts the possible improvement to I/O, CPU, EXCP's, Response Time, Run Time, and DASD. Implementing the identified improvements reduces the cost-to-process and improves the speed of mainframe applications.

After sending us file information, we'll return a customized report that prioritizes your most profitable system changes. This is not a hardware or software installation. The process does not disrupt your operations in any way.

Claim your savings now.

Get analysis of any application, CICS, TSO, DB2, NetView, SAP and others, LPAR, or data center.


VitalSigns for z Tuning analysis is guaranteed to show you how to...

  • Reduce batch time and get faster processing.
  • Reduce CPU, I/O and DASD consumption.
  • Reduce expenditures and operating costs by delaying upgrades.
  • Cut 10-15 percent off your annual budget.
  • Reduce monthly license charges (MLCs) for software.
  • Lower your R4H.
  • Clean up inefficient code.
  • Set efficient file parameters in control cards and JCL.
  • Reduce file contention.