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SDS became the publisher of VM Update with the January 2000 issue. Prior to that, it was published by Xephon plc.
Phil Norcross
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VM Update provides the VM community with practical techniques and ready-made software to extend VM's features and facilities and enhance its performance, integrity, and reliability. Each issue features technical articles, annotated listings, and "hints and tips" on getting the best out of VM.
VM problems solved
In the 1999 issues, VM Update has published the following articles, each solving a different VM problem. Chances are that many of them are of interest to your installation; some could be vital.
Issue 159: November 1999 Using parse to improve performance • The saga of a migration to a PC Server 500 • FILELIST utility (FLUTIL) • A full screen console interface - part 16
Issue 158: October 1999 Optimizing processing with high-level languages • Deleting selected lines from a file • Exploring the deeper levels of VM • REXX/CMS talks to VB over TCP/IP - part 2 • A full screen console interface - part 15
Issue 157: September 1999 Adding numeric values in columns • Writing reliable and secure procedures • A full screen console interface - part 14 • REXX/CMS talks to VB over TCP/IP • The DG digest reader
Issue 156: August 1999 Enhancing the XEDIT ALL macro • Alternative VM system file display • VM:Secure enhancement rules - part 5 • Viewing the VSE lock file from CMS • A full screen console interface - part 13 • September 1994 - August 1999 index
Issue 155: July 1999 Monitoring executing programs • VM/ESA data-in-memory techniques • VM:Secure enhancement rules - part 4 • A full screen console interface - part 12
Issue 154: June 1999 A quick monitor for virtual machines • VM:Secure enhancement rules - part 3 • Mouse-clickable file development aids • The REXX Language Association Web site • A full screen console interface - part 11
Issue 153: May 1999 Keeping track of POWER data file usage • VM:Secure enhancement rules - part 2 • Adding new functions to XEDIT • A full screen console interface - part 10
Issue 152: April 1999 Editing two files in parallel • Mouse-clickable XEDIT enhancements - part 2 • A full screen console interface - part 9 • VM:Secure enhancement rules
Issue 151: March 1999 Purging VM spool files • A full screen console interface - part 8 • Managing chronological commands • Displaying 'pseudo-graphics' revisited • IBM's VM Download Library • Mouse-clickable XEDIT enhancements
Issue 150: February 1999 A concise LISTCAT ALL reports • Splitting the XEDIT screen at the cursor position • A full screen console interface - part 7 • Mouse on the mainframe • The DIRMAINT Synchronous Application Interface
Issue 149: January 1999 Direct console I/O in REXX • Mainframe Programming Web site • A full screen console interface - part 6 • Displaying 'pseudo-graphics' - part 2
Issue 148: December 1998 How large are your SFS directories? • A full screen console interface - part 5 • Calculating lines of code • Displaying 'pseudo-graphics' • Packing files