Multiterm/MVS | Overview

Multiterm is the premier session manager for MVS, VSE, GCS, and VM. Multiterm provides complete multiple-session management, end user support facilities (Help Desk), automatic keystroke recording and replay, and VM/CMS access for VTAM terminals.

Support personnel can use powerful online features to connect with users who need help, directly viewing and solving problems, regardless of the user’s application or location.

Multiterm allows users to simultaneously activate as many sessions as needed. A single key stroke switches sessions. Dynamic session switching and menu access to applications allow users to rapidly acquire different applications as needed.

The Help Desk features of Multiterm allow support personnel to guide users through their problems no matter where that user is--across the room or the country. Here are just some of the help desk commands:

Watch--this gives support a real-time view of the user’s terminal.
Peek--allows the support person to scroll back through the user’s history screens to find a problem and fix it more quickly.
Take--enables support staff to work with a user’s session at their own terminal.
Give--sends the session back to the user.

This feature rich product also offers the following:

  • Customizable user profiles.
  • Screen print facility.
  • Scroll back through screens.
  • Record and playback keystrokes.
  • Menu-driven message sending system.
  • Terminal lock facility lets users password-protect their terminal and session while away.
  • Easy interface to popular security packages: ACF2, Top Secret, and RACF.
  • CMS Access Option allows sites running MVS or VSE to access VM.

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