CICS Application File Control System | CAFC | SDS Acquisition Announcement

SDS Acquisition of NETEC’s CAFC Software and Support Migration Policies

SDS is pleased to announce the acquisition of NETEC’s CICS Application File Control System (CAFC) software effective August 1, 2016. CAFC customers can now benefit from enhanced support, maintenance, and product development.

CAFC Customers will gain access to:

  • Award-winning SDS support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A support team with specialized expertise in z/OS products and security solutions
  • Product enhancements based on customer requests and requirements
  • A state-of-the-art IBM z/Series platform to improve delivery of updates and enhancements

With 34 years of experience in building and supporting mainframe software, SDS has the expertise and support infrastructure to continually improve CAFC and deliver outstanding service to its user base. The company’s proven longevity and commitment to the mainframe market—in particular, extensive experience with CICS software—make SDS the ideal choice to take CAFC to the next level.

We’re confident that CAFC customers will enjoy a seamless transition and excellent service from SDS. The SDS team is excited about this acquisition and we look forward to working with you. You’ll be contacted shortly by your SDS client service representative, at which time you can provide any product feedback and discuss your specific needs and requirements.


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What is the value of SDS 24/7 Support?

With SDS 24/7 Support, customers can expect to drive more value from their software investment. We have combined the talents, technologies, and vision of SDS plus acquired support organizations to create the most progressive support services available anywhere. By building on our complementary strengths and our shared commitment to innovation, SDS Support sets the standard.

What are the key components of SDS 24/7 Support?


  • Award-winning service and support to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.
  • Support specialists with an average tenure of over 20 years and experience with SDS products across all major industries.
  • Powerful diagnostic tools and a direct escalation path to Product Development to speed resolution when needed.
  • Collaborative relationships with leading hardware and software vendors to troubleshoot and resolve multi-vendor interoperability issues.
  • Lifetime Support that provides access to technical experts and rights to major releases for as long as you license your SDS software.

Tools and resources to get the most from your SDS products:

  • Proactive maintenance advice to improve system and software performance.
  • Unlimited access to technical documentation, white papers, best practices, and tips and tricks from the experts.

Product innovation to keep pace with change and capitalize on new opportunities:

  • Ongoing, customer-driven enhancements to software functionality, performance, stability, and interoperability.
  • New releases included at no additional cost and available when you're ready to upgrade.
  • SDS technical support advisors to guide you step-by-step through each upgrade.


When will former support contracts be migrated to SDS 24/7 Support?
Effective August 1, 2016, all customers will be migrated from NETEC to SDS Support.


Will my support renewal fees increase once I migrate to SDS 24/7 Support?
Support pricing at the first renewal with SDS will be the same pricing calculation used in the previous year, assuming the same licenses are supported, you paid for a full year of support, and you are migrated to SDS 24/7 Support. If you would like further information regarding the migration of your support contract, please contact your SDS Support sales representative.


If I purchase new products, my understanding is that those new products will have support priced at SDS list support fees, while our existing products remain at their current support fees. Is this true?
Yes, this is true. SDS 24/7 Support fees for existing customers who purchase additional programs and/or user licenses will be priced per the SDS price list, which is very similar to NETEC fees.


At our support renewal, when we migrate to SDS 24/7 Support, will we have to sign any type of new contract to receive that service?
No, as long as the terms of your current support offering were subject to change, you will not need to sign any new amendments or contracts to receive SDS 24/7 Support. If that was the case, upon renewal of your technical support contract, SDS Technical Support Policies will apply.


Can I continue to renew my current support plan?
Your current support program is no longer available to renew. All customers will be migrated to SDS 24/7 Support.


Who will contact me about my Support Renewal? What if I have questions?
We have reorganized our Support Renewal team so that we have one renewal representative covering your account. We will work closely with you to help you understand any changes and facilitate a smooth transition to SDS products, services, and policies.

Call SDS at 1-800-443-6183 with any questions