ConicIT | Overview

ConicIT is an expert system for z/OS Performance Monitors. Like artificial intelligence, ConicIT is a tireless expert user of your existing monitor infrastructure.

SDS sells and supports the ConicIT expert system for advanced, automated mainframe capacity monitoring, and First-Fault Problem Resolution.


Stop Paying to Reproduce Problems!

The ConicIT expert system will...

1. See trouble coming.

2. Save the diagnostic data.

3. Alert the experts who can fix it.

4. Fix root causes, right, the first time.

ConicIT greatly improves capacity management by alerting administrators when demand exceeds expectations and threatens to exceed capacity. ConicIT even forecasts demand, seven days out, hour-by-hour. That helps administrators transfer demand to the quieter times of day.

ConicIT runs outside of z/OS, on a Linux server, where it performs as a brilliant and always-alert user of existing z/OS monitoring infrastructure:

   • BMC MainView
   • TSO

2 reasons mainframe performance problems are so costly:

  1. The fundamental weakness of common performance-monitors is the time lag between problem occurrence--when meaningful, analyzable diagnostic data are available--and problem detection--when the monitoring data only shows the symptoms, not the cause.
  2. The mainframe is absolutely crucial to its organization. So mainframe problems get the entire staff's attention. Lots of valuable people drop what they're doing and come running to help, only to spend hours just trying to make the problem re-occur so they can watch it.

ConicIT solves those 2 problems:

  1. ConicIT is an always-on, 24/7 expert user that comes to intimately understand normal system behavior. Then it recognizes anomalies, predicts coming trouble, and saves all the necessary diagnostic data in real-time as the problem occurs.
  2. Because it pinpoints the root cause of a problem, ConicIT can alert precisely those system experts most able to fix it--and fix it right, the first time.

You will See Direct and Undeniable Savings at the Bottom Line

Every problem averted, and
every hour saved in problem resolution,
directly improves the bottom line.

  • Decreased mean-time to resolution (MTTR). One customer saved $225,000 per year, and twice or three times that amount in customer satisfaction and staff time.
  • Increased mean-time between failures (MTBF) by fixing problems correctly the first time they occur.
  • Keeping service level agreements (SLA) with business units on target.