Maxback/VSE | Overview

Maxback eliminates the need for multiple products to perform backup and restore functions. This comprehensive, integrated product provides flexible, easy-to-use facilities to backup and restore ALL of your VSE file types.

Features of this powerful software solution include:

  • Back up file types: VSAM, SAM, DL1, ISAM, and DAM.
  • Create duplicate sets of backup tapes simultaneously--keep one in-house and send one to your off-site archive.
  • Record-level reorganization of VSAM files.
  • Physical backup of VSAM files.
  • Library backup by library, sublibrary, member name, or character string.
  • IPL-able system on the front of operating system file backups, to simplify disaster recovery procedures.

Not only is this product versatile, but it’s FAST! It uses EXCP I/O to perform the fastest backup possible. Benchmarks prove Maxback to be 25% to 100% faster than IDCAMS.

Maxback is easy to learn and use. It uses only 11 job control statements to perform backups, and as few as 7 to restore all of your files.

In production use in over 500 VSE shops since 1971, Maxback offers rock-solid reliability and integrity. During backup, Maxback checks the integrity of every file or library as it’s being backed up; if errors are encountered, you’re notified immediately.

Maxback’s SAVER (Stand Alone Volume Emergency Restore) facility can perform a restoration to disk when an active operating system is unavailable.

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