Net'Q Net-Examine™ | Overview

Identify, analyze, and quantify SNA and Enterprise Extender security exposure on z/OS networks.

Net-Examine™: Assesses Enterprise Extender & SNA Security

No matter how thick your firewall, the IP network is a gateway for mainframe attacks.

Typical firewalls only secure IP traffic. They don't understand SNA/APPN or Enterprise Extender (SNA/APPN traffic wrapped in IP packets).

Scan and report your mainframe security risks now!

Our Net-Examine software will...

  • Identify, analyze, and quantify network security exposure.
  • Correlate results with known violations and attacks.
  • Report on change made by the VTAM Security Generator.
  • Recommend security solutions.

Net-Examine serves...

  • Auditors.
  • Network security administrators.

Net-Examine runs on...

  • MVS, OS/390, z/OS, VM, and VSE systems.
  • SNA, APPN, and IP environments.
  • Enterprise Extender environments.
  • Mainframe security servers.
  • Windows-based workstations.

Net-Examine will analyze security risks in...

  • Session profiles in security logs and performance profiles.
  • VTAM definitions, VTAMLST, VTAM tables.
  • PARMLIB definitions.
  • TCP/IP definitions.
  • Sysplex definitions.
  • RACF, ACF2, and TSS resource definitions.