Universal SSH Key Manager | Webinar

Learn about problems associated with Identity Access Management (IAM)

SSH Key Inventor, Tatu Ylonen, Discusses a Gaping Hole in Identity Access Management (IAM)

Webinar Recorded March 22, 2017

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Enterprises have accumulated SSH credentials for 20 years and they have gone under the radar for most IAM projects.

Today many organizations have hundreds of SSH credentials per server – typically 90% of them unused and granting root access.

SSH is used in every data center, in every enterprise, for network management, system administration, file transfers, and configuration automation.

They can be used for stealthy attacks. Spread from server to server and data center to data center – including backups and disaster recovery. Think government hackers, think hacktivists, think ransomware, think cyberwarfare – enterprise-wide, with most critical servers and data. This talk will help you understand the problem and how to approach solving it.