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VitalSigns for IP:
An IP Monitor Primed for the Future

Is your IP monitor primed to alert you to critical events?
VIP is a precise and thorough IP monitor that lets you...

Instantly search all monitoring data for a target name or value, and

Follow direct links from performance alerts to monitoring data for the resources that caused them.

• Conduct real-time IP packet traces, via batch jobs,
or interactively in an intuitive graphic interface.

VIP will improve your mean-time-to-awareness of system status.
Please join us for this information-rich, LIVE demonstration.

Recorded Aug. 26

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Is your IP monitor ready for the Future? VIP is cost-saving over legacy products, and a comprehensive one-stop solution.

The latest VitalSigns for IP ...

• Can use AT-TLS security, a TCP/IP stack option that encrypts messages and transactions.

• Recognizes pass phrases, the longer, more-secure alternative to passwords.

• Summarizes OSA performance data by OSA port, no matter how many LPARs use that port.

• Provides dynamic real-time mapping of your complex IP environment with a central repository and single-screen viewing.

• Includes a full set of diagnostic tools: Route tracing for Enterprise Extender. Packet tracing for OSA-Express. Quick searches to find and drop connections of any kind. Ping and traceroute for all common protocols.

VIP monitors all the IP traffic among your z/OS TCPIP stacks, including FTP, OSA-Express4S and 5S, and Sysplex Distributors at IPv6 addresses.

VIP provides network history reporting and verifies service-level agreements.

VIP can trigger automatic repairs by sending alerts to its companion product, VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control (VNAC).


Recorded Aug. 26, 2015

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This webinar is sponsored by Software Diversified Services (SDS), a z/OS MVS, VSE, and VM software company with a 32-year track record and more than 1,000 licensed clients worldwide.