Virtel Web Modernization | VWM

Serve host transactions as user-friendly web pages (GUIs) that create a genuine web experience

Virtel Web Modernization

Virtel helps generate new revenues and reduce costs by extending legacy host applications in self-service mode to partners, clients, consumers, and new or temporary staff.

Key Features

  • Serves 3270 transactions as web pages or web services
  • Nothing to install or support outside the host
  • Instant deployment: simply point the client's web browsers to a predefined URL
  • Works with any browser or platform including mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), Apple products, and new versions of Windows
  • Concurrently serves different presentations to different users (3270 TE, WUI/GUI, mobile UI)
  • Supports any web service protocol and format: RESTful, XML, JSON, SOAP, MQ Series, etc.
  • Low impact and low risk: no application or transaction server change
  • High performance and small host footprint result in highly scalable solutions
  • Simple host-centric configuration and support result in low TCO and early ROI

Product Highlights

Virtel makes it simple and fast to serve CICS®, IMS, Natural and other host transactions as user-friendly web pages (GUIs) that deliver a genuine web experience through:

  • Assisted data entry: checkboxes, dropdown lists, graphical calendars, and more
  • New Ajax-based application features: suggest, auto-complete, PDF generation, email, and more
  • New layout and workflow: screen consolidation, tab navigation, collapsible sections and more

The same transaction can be served concurrently to different users with different layouts - classic 'green screen', full-size GUI, or mobile accordion.

Legacy application code doesn't have to be changed.

Virtel extends the relevance of - and investment in - legacy host applications.

Brief Video Introductions to Virtel Web Modernization

VWM: What is it and what does it do? (4 min.)

VWM: How Does it Work? (5 min.)

VWM: Is it a screen scraper? (1 min.)

VWM: How secure is it? (2 min.)

VWM: How to develop a GUI (8 min.)

VWM: Customer stories (8 min.)

VWM: Product Demonstration (10 min.)

Typical Applications

Typical Virtel Web Modernization applications include:

  • UI modernization: creates modern user friendly GUIs from legacy screen UIs
  • UI consolidation: integrates host and web applications UIs seamlessly into a single GUI to eliminate toggling between screens and web pages
  • Staff productivity: reduces training requirements for new and temporary staff
  • Self-service: gives clients and partners self-service access to select transactions
  • Consumer outreach and mobile access: extends products and services to mobile devices (Smartphones, PDAs, tablets, etc) to reach consumer market
  • Cloud integration: integrates host transactions and data with Cloud GUIs
  • GUI technology improvement: replaces underperforming applications and outdated screen scrapers without impacting users or applications

Design Principles

The architecture of VIRTEL relies upon the following design principles:

  • Shorter instruction paths result in superior performance, efficiency, and scalability
  • Fewer components or layers result in simpler and stronger connections
  • Strict use of open standards results in increased solutions longevity


Virtel Web Suite Architecture

Virtel is an agile middleware to connect host applications to the Web. It interfaces with:

  • Host applications via their 3270 screens or COMMAREA
  • The Web via HTTP/S, SMTP, or custom IP connections

Virtel converts host application data into rich web pages and standardized web services.