zPrice Manager® | Overview

Optimize Your Z Software Invoices in Real Time

Workload License Charges (WLC) in data centers add up to big bucks, every month. But how can you monitor all the thresholds that are relevant for pricing, all the time? Manually? No way. But you can do it automatically, with zPrice Manager from SDS.

zPrice Manager is designed specifically for controlling usage on IBM®'s zSeries platform. It helps you cut costs substantially and helps stabilize your budget. And it supports you in areas where group capping, defined capacity or even free products like IBM's Capacity Provisioning Manager simply don't do the job.

zPrice Manager helps you:

  • Deliver the information you need to control WLC through real-time monitoring.
  • Take appropriate action to avoid unplanned peaks in usage and costs.
  • See when products are activated and how many MSUs are required, and create alerts if necessary.
  • Avoid unexpected capping situations--automatically.
  • Get reports to check the subcapacity data and IBM's monthly license charge invoice.
  • Predict when thresholds will be reached such as for OTC products.
  • Plan your new ESSO contract.
  • zPrice Manager is so flexible that already now it is able to support customers in recognizing the discount for mobile workload near time!

Maximize your ROI

Under subcapacity workload charging (vWLC and aWLC), the software license charge is easily the highest single monthly invoice in a data center. So how can you monitor all pricing-relevant thresholds in real time--and respond--to control costs and to maximize ROI?

Two values, the actual number of MSUs and the 4-hour average MSU utilization, determine software and hardware pricing and--recently--also the amount of discounted mobile workload. You can use defined capacity and group capacity limit to reduce the risk of running into avoidable peaks. But they're simply not flexible enough to help you get the most from your investment in IBM's zSeries platform. Existing monitoring tools gather lots of data, but they focus on technical issues, not complex financial aspects of managing software costs.

zPrice Manager is a broad automation tool for MSU management and gives you powerful monitoring and event-triggering solutions, combined with essential cost-control information.

zPrice Manager monitors the overall usage--and the individual usage--of every single MLC (monthly license charge) product on every single LPAR on every CEC. And it lets you define one or more combined usage groups or even subgroups.

You can define the expected minimum and budgeted maximum usage within a billing period. Based on this, you can define rules for combined usages, CECs, single LPARs, single products, or even usage per WLM class per LPAR.

The defined rules may include issuing messages or e-mails, calling programs or procedures, right up to actively changing workload policies. Whenever a rule applies, zPrice Manager goes into action. It's flexible: when a new peak cannot be avoided, the new peak value becomes the reference for future triggering.

zPrice Manager for MSU management gives you powerful monitoring and event-triggering solutions, combined with essential cost-control information.

zPrice Manager gives you insight into the usage of different workload classes (I0 to I5 and discretionary). So you can choose which workload to push back during peak times. All usage information is retained in a central historical database. And you can use this data for verification, controlling, and planning.

Cut your costs, expand your possibilities. With zPrice Manager.

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