CryptoAuditor® | Privileged-User Management | Overview

CryptoAuditor reinforces firewall defenses with comprehensive privileged-user access control and data security for SSH environments.

Your business relies on the continuous protection of critical data. Privileged-level systems and loss-prevention administrators watch over your crucial firewall and security systems. But who is watching the watchers? Security solutions are typically unable to monitor the administrators themselves, or third-party associates, in encrypted channels.

CryptoAuditor is a network-based, inline traffic inspector that finds and responds to potential issues from administrator activity, third-party access, and file transfers in SSH, SFTP, RDP, or HTTPS sessions.

Using existing firewall rules, CryptoAuditor traces activity in real time, then integrates with DSP, IPS, or SIEM for a security response. Malicious data can be found before it enters the environment and sensitive data can be prevented from leaving.

Authorize Specific Users and Activities

Based on user identity, CryptoAuditor controls where each privileged user is allowed on the network and which activities are permitted. CryptoAuditor silently decrypts and examines each session before re-encrypting and sending it to its destination.

Reduce Costs of Forensic Troubleshooting

A complete replica of each session is securely recorded, including text, file transfers, and video of graphical activity. This history can be replayed or searched if needed for forensic investigation.

All this is transparent to users, with no disruption of workflow, no new agents, and no changes to network architecture. Installation on a distributed platform is efficient and cost effective.

Smooth Integration

CryptoAuditor integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise security solutions including DLP and SIEM. Multiple deployment modes (bridge, router, bastion) make it a breeze to fit into diverse network topologies. CryptoAuditor is certified compatible with major vendors such as McAfee, RSA, IBM, and VCE vBlock.

Protection & Prevention of Malicious Activities

  • Define privileged access and activities based on user identity
  • Integrate with existing firewall and security to resolve issues in real time
  • Trace and record activity for later replay or content searches
  • Individual accountability even for shared accounts on AD/LDAP infrastructure
  • Easily enables two-factor authentication to protect critical data
  • Cloud-ready architecture with easy installation

Find out how CryptoAuditor can defend your company against potential hazards in encrypted channels. Call SDS at (800) 443-6183 for your free risk assessment.