Stash/MVS | Overview

Stash is a mainframe data compression program which will process the same files on different mainframe, mini and microcomputer systems.

Files can be compressed on one system and sent to another system for decompression. You can convert data from ASCII or EBCDIC, and convert records and individual fields from PACKED or ZONED to ASCII or EBCDIC on a field-by-field basis within records. You can select records based on keys within the records, convert fields, drop fields and rearrange fields as necessary.

Conversion scripts are simple and powerful. Data can be converted to ASCII delimited text for importing into spreadsheets and information management/database programs.

Files compressed on the mainframe by Stash have many advantages. Storage usage is reduced, data transfer time is reduced, and people time is reduced. Because Stash provides data conversion facilities, it is not necessary to write conversion programs or program exits when moving data from one platform to another.

Stash mainframe software is well known for its ability to compress and decompress files extremely fast without using temporary work files--a significant feature if you are compressing and decompressing large disk files or files on non-disk devices, such as tape. Stash can handle files up to four gigabytes with no difficulty.

Stash uses an extremely efficient proprietary compression algorithm which can reduce files by 95% or more, depending on the data.

Stash provides subroutines which may be linked within applications on any supported platform. They provide complete compatibility with Stash utilities on any platform. The subroutines also provide the unique ability to decompress selected records within a file randomly. It is not necessary to decompress an entire file with Stash.

Stash offers a self-extracting option on many platforms which means you can send files to other platforms where they can be decompressed even if the other system does not have an executable copy of Stash.

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