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Enterprise Extender packages mainframe SNA-VTAM messages into IP packets for transport over the TCP/IP network. VIP monitors the performance and routing of Enterprise Extender communications. Click below to see full-size screen images.

IBM Enterprise Extender at a Glance

IBM Enterprise Extender at a Glance

Enterprise Extender at a Glance summarizes E.E. configuration and performance, in two tables:

  • Connection Summary: E.E. monitoring from the VTAM side. Summaries for each E.E. instance, and individual records for each class of service.
  • Port Summary: E.E. monitoring from the TCP/IP side, individual records for each class of service.

For details, right-click on a data-row.

IBM Enterprise Extender Details

IBM Enterprise Extender Details

Every available detail about IBM Enterprise Extender:

  • E.E. status and availability.
  • Bytes, datagrams, and packets in and out.
  • Hop counts and round-trip times.
  • IP addresses for every node in route, and alerts when route changes.
  • Retry and retransmit counts.
  • Counts of LU-to-LU sessions.

IBM Enterprise Extender History

E.E. History

Every Enterprise Extender detail over a recent time span:

  • Report spans days, weeks, months--depending on the amount of traffic and the file-space allocated.
  • Easily zero-in on specific time span, then scroll forward and back.
  • Print or graph selected fields.

IBM Enterprise Extender Graphing

E.E. History Graph

  • For any of an object’s numeric fields, click and drag the mouse to select fields and times to graph.
  • Select from 17 shapes of graph--lines, pies, bars, etc.
  • Export raw data to comma-separated tables.

IBM Enterprise Extender Export Data

Export E.E. History

  • Preview raw data.
  • Save data table to local disk.
  • Or open data table with another application, Excel for example.