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Every product in the VitalSigns family is a money saver. VitalSigns always provides an economical alternative, an intuitive web-browser interface, and minimal demand on z/OS CPU.

VitalSigns is a full-spectrum tool set for automating, monitoring, and troubleshooting SNA applications, z/OS Communications Server, and mainframe TCP/IP networks.

Monitor TCP/IP
See what's happening on your network anywhere, any time. VitalSigns for IP (VIP) monitors IP networks, Enterprise Extender, OSA, and FTP. VIP provides graphic network history and can trigger automatic repairs by sending alerts to its companion product, VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control (VNAC).
Automate z/OS
VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control is the ideal NetMaster® replacement. VNAC replaces legacy mainframe network and system automation with easier use, significantly lower cost, and a free IP network monitor: VIP. VNAC can respond to any system or network message with versatile REXX scripting.
Monitor FTP
VitalSigns for FTP makes it easy to install robust automation for file transfers--without having to edit existing FTP batch jobs. VFTP fully integrates mainframe FTP clients and servers with SAF security (RACF, ACF2, or Top Secret), and by making it easy to change standard FTP traffic into encrypted SFTP traffic.

Secure FTP
VFTP and SSH software can collaborate to deliver complete and effortless FTP security for all file transfers and data-in-transit. From an intuitive GUI browser interface, network security staff can control authentication and encryption, providing end-to-end security for FTP and data-in-transit.
Monitor TCP/IP and SNA
VitalSigns for VTAM is the economical performance monitor for everything on your TCP/IP and SNA networks. Now you can manage your entire network easily and accurately, with complete information about every device, application, socket, and protocol--TCP/IP, SNA, FTP, and Telnet.
Monitor Users
Here is fool-proof insider-fraud detection: VitalSigns Detective provides complete monitoring of all user interactions with legacy applications--just as though you watched over users' shoulders.


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