SDS | Company Overview

Software Diversified Services™: z/OS MVS, VSE, and VM software since 1982. SDS E-Business Server® data encryption for z/OS, Linux, Unix, Windows.

SDS was founded in 1982, and now supports over 20 z/OS, MVS, VSE, and VM mainframe systems products for more than 1,000 clients worldwide.

SDS also develops, supports, and distributes the SDS E-Business Server for data encryption and authentication on z/OS, Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms.

Our customers include many Global 500 companies in banking, finance, insurance, and retail, as well as local, state, and national governments.

Security, encryption, and data compression are our current focus, also performance monitoring, report distribution, and client-server applications.

Technical support works hand-in-hand with development at the SDS Minneapolis, Minn., headquarters. SDS is noted for having the highest quality software, documentation, and technical support in the business. SDS technical support has been rated number 1 by the prestigious IBEX Bulletin.