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E-Business Server

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OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
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Infrastructure provides:


Signed certificates

Public key searches

Private key backups

Revocation list


Data recipient sends his
public key to the sender
in a signed certificate.


Data sender authenticates
the certificate and the
recipient's public key.

Sender encrypts data with the
recipient's public key

Sender encrypts a hash and
a signature with her private key.


Recipient decrypts the data
with his private key.

Recipient decrypts the hash and
signature with the sender's public key.

Recipient authenticates the data
by generating a hash and
matching it to the hash
packaged with the signature.

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SDS E-Business Server™ | EBS | Encryption & Security, Enterprise-wide

E-Business Server replacement is NOT necessary. Mainframe encryption is easy to keep.


SDS now distributes, supports, and develops new features for the E-Business Server, providing encryption, authentication, and data security; easy use; absolute security; and cross-platform service.

E-Business Server protects business-critical data easily, with little impact on existing systems.

E-Business Server runs on IBM z/OS, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux.

E-Business Server is easily integrated into z/OS JCL, batch processes, and the TSO environment. It also works with system REXX (SYSREXX) during system startup and in system operator commands.

E-Business Server is easily integrated into C and Java applications, and into scripts on Linux, Unix, Solaris, and z/OS USS.

E-Business server easily handles files of 4GB and larger.


Encryption, Authentication, Compression.

E-Business Server creates and verifies digital signatures to prove the origin of data and ensure message integrity.

E-Business Server dramatically reduces file sizes--with a corresponding decrease in consumption of bandwidth, processing time, and disk space.

In addition, E-Business Server provides key-management, allowing users to create and store keys, and find keys at directories and keyservers.

E-Business Server is a command-line application that can easily be integrated with existing processes and scripts.

A Complete Data Security Tool!

 •  Secure data at rest and in transit

 •  Encrypt e-mail, file transfers, archives, desktops

 •  Multiple-platform versatility

 •  APIs for z/OS REXX and SYSREXX

 •  APIs for C and Java

 •  Scripting for z/OS, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows

 •  Automatic file compression

 •  Automatic EBCDIC - ASCII conversions

 •  Easy Key generation and management

 •  Unbreakable signature creation and authentication.

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