Virtel Web Access | VWA | Webinar

2016 Trends in Terminal Emulation

Webinar Recorded October 25, 2016

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  • Survey Results
    • State of 3270 Terminal Emulation
    • Current Compliance Needs
    • Future Initiatives
  • Virtel
    • Thin-Client (Browser-Based) 3270 TE
    • No Middle-Tier Server + No Java
    • How do Users Connect to 3270 Apps?
    • Performance and Efficiency
    • Compatibility
    • Easier Security Audits
  • Case Studies
    • Car Manufacturer
    • EU Insurance
    • U.S. Insurance

Our Presenters:

  • Bob Thomas, ESM
  • Patrick Fournier, Virtel
  • John Bachiochi, Virtel

About Virtel:

Virtel is a simple, fast, powerful, and cost-effective solution to convert the proven business logic of legacy applications (CICS, IMS, Natural, Ideal, TSO…) into new and dynamic web applications. With Virtel, mainframe applications look and behave like true web applications at a fraction of the cost, risk and duration of redevelopment, replacement, or rehosting strategies.