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You can’t be too secure

View Upcoming Encryption Webinar: May 25th @ 1pm Central It seems rather obvious, but data can either be stored somewhere, or it can be travelling from one location to another. This is what they call data at rest and data in transit. There are one lot of security provisions to (continue reading)

Browsing the mainframe

There was a time when sitting down at a green screen and interacting with a mainframe was enough. The mainframe’s users (its customers) all worked for the same company and all worked in the company’s offices. Some of these users would be working on screens that were attached to CICS (continue reading)

Solving those network issues

When someone says ‘the network’, it’s a bit like saying ‘the cloud’ because you have used a single word to conjure up a simple picture in your mind and, because of that, you think it’s something that is simple and straightforward to monitor and manage. Job done, you can go (continue reading)

Getting the help you need

In these days of DevOps, it’s easier to ensure that end users get all the information and training they need when they come to start using a new piece of software. Everyone has been involved since day 1 and everyone has had an opportunity to express their opinions and discuss (continue reading)

System, network, and application automation

There are many arguments for automation including the fact that things get done faster than if a person is involved; they get done more accurately every time; and with the ageing population of mainframe experts, it’s going to be harder to find someone who knows the right way to respond. (continue reading)

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Online Expert

Our story starts on what could be just any day at the office. Someone has just gone to get coffee, when the door burst open. It’s the CFO complaining about the cost of keep over-running your 4-hour rolling average MSU utilization. You’re about to explain when an angry department head (continue reading)

Keeping ‘in the know’

Are you worried about fraud at your site? Perhaps you should be. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimates that 83% of information security breaches occur on a company’s premises and during regular business hours. And it’s not just a one-off. The average scheme typically lasts 18 months prior (continue reading)

What’s Going On?

You remember the old days, when you didn’t know what had happened on your mainframes until late at night when the batch job ran and pieced together all the bits of information. It may seem like a different age when that was acceptable, but now you not only want to (continue reading)

Keeping Control of Your Mainframe Costs

When your organization’s bean counters look at the spreadsheet showing mainframe costs, they’ll find that somewhere around 30% to 40% of the budget is going on Monthly License Charges (MLCs). The question your CFO is going to ask is whether there’s any way that this figure can be reduced? And (continue reading)

Getting a Grip on IP Networks

Nowadays, in every industry, people are making more and more use of IP networks to communicate between suppliers and manufacturers and downstream sales organizations. And every part of the life-cycle of a product or service requires information to be passed over an IP network. As a consequence, IP networks are (continue reading)

SDS Brings Virtel Efficiency to U.S. for Emulation

Virtel Web Access (VWA) provides the efficiency necessary for the success of z/OS systems serving users at Web browsers. Deb Hodson, 763-571-9000, Minneapolis, MN (SDS) August 9, 2015 – Software Diversified Services has joined with SysperTec Communication to distribute and support Virtel software suites for z/OS in the U.S., (continue reading)

Automatic Capacity Balancing Reduces Monthly Software Expenses

Patented zDynaCap® software distributes workloads among LPARs immediately, in real time, in order to run z/OS data centers at the greatest possible efficiency. (also in *.pdf) Deb Hodson, 763-571-9000, Minneapolis, MN (SDS) August 9, 2015 – Software Diversified Services has joined with zIT Consulting GmbH to provide U.S. data (continue reading)

Advances in VitalSigns Suite Reduce the Cost of Running z/OS

VitalSigns tools significantly simplify the tasks of monitoring, diagnosing, repairing, and securing z/OS systems—and do so at lower cost, with lower processing overhead, than the alternatives. (also in *.pdf) Deb Hodson, 763-571-9000, Minneapolis, MN (SDS) August 9, 2015 – With a steady program of new releases, Software Diversified Services (continue reading)

Dynamic Capping Reduces Your Monthly IBM Software Invoice

Patented zDynaCap® software distributes workloads among LPARs immediately, in real time, in order to run z/OS data centers at the least possible expense. (also in *.pdf) Deb Hodson, 763-571-9000, Minneapolis, MN (SDS) March 1, 2015 — Software Diversified Services reached agreement last month with zIT Consulting GmbH to provide (continue reading)

Long Live E-Business Server for Enterprise-Scale Encryption

SDS assumes full support, maintenance, and development for well-known security tool. (also in *.pdf) Deb Hodson, 763-571-9000, Minneapolis, MN (SDS) March 9, 2014 — Software Diversified Services has assumed all sales, support, maintenance, and development responsibilities for the E-Business Server suite of data encryption and security tools. SDS’s commitment (continue reading)

VitalSigns Easily Navigates the JES Spool

VitalSigns for Network Automation and Control (VNAC) makes it easy to manage the z/OS JES Spool, its jobs, and its logs. VNAC 3.0.6, available to users since last October, provides a VSDSF application devoted to selecting and listing jobs; to canceling or releasing jobs; and to browsing SYSLOG, JCL, and output datasets (continue reading)

VitalSigns Secures and Automates z/OS FTP

Safe, automated file transfer for the IBM z/OS platform is available with VitalSigns for FTP, a product of Software Diversified Services (SDS). VFTP 3.0 can secure specific commands at a z/OS FTP server, preventing all but trusted clients from using the powerful SITE command or submitting jobs via the JES spool (continue reading)

VitalSigns Software Leverages the Value of the zEC12 Platform

The new hardware for cloud computing makes monitoring, security, and management tools essential to efficient enterprises. Deb Hodson, 763-571-9000, Minneapolis, MN (SDS) Oct. 2, 2012 — SDS system-specific tools will fully support IBM’s new zEC12 hardware, guaranteeing smooth transition of essential management and security tools, SDS confirmed today. Enterprises (continue reading)